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Jewish Extremism and Its Media Cover Up


The Global Anti-Semitism Report: The Organized Jewish Community Opposes Free Speech

By Kevin MacDonald

It is something of an axiom of Jewish life that “Is it good for the Jews?” remains the litmus test of Jewish communal activity — in other words, interest over principles. A good example is free speech. There can be little doubt that the organized Jewish community sees free speech as a problem because it may be used to criticize the behavior of Jewish organizations and especially Israel.  

In Canada the response of the organized Jewish community to recent demonstrations against Israel was to attempt to invoke Canada’s restrictions on free speech in order to silence their critics. The Canadian Jewish Congress complained that protests against Israel’s incursion into Gaza contained images that were “uncivil, un-Canadian, that demonize Jews and Israelis.” They are asking the police to investigate the matter, for referral to the Canadian Human Rights Commission which is in charge of enforcing laws that infringe on free speech. Although the organized Jewish community in Canada has strongly supported the thought crime legislation (see below), Bernie Farber, the head of the CJC, stated “we are firm supporters and believers in the need to be able to demonstrate passionately in free and democratic societies.”  

Because of the First Amendment, we are still a ways from situation in Canada here in the US. Nevertheless, the ADL has been in the forefront of promoting hate-crime legislation in America, and there can be little doubt that they see the First Amendment as a barrier to their interests in suppressing thoughts and speech critical of Israel and other Jewish interests.  

An example of the efforts of the organized Jewish community in the direction of thought control is the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004. This law created an office of “Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism” within the State Department, headed by Gregg J. Rickman. The act not only requires the State Department to document acts of anti-Semitism, but also to “combat acts of anti-Semitism globally.”   Continue reading

The Tail Wagging The Dog: Israeli PM Olmert Humiliates Bush

By Paul Ricther at LA Times

Reporting from Washington — Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert boasted Monday that he successfully pressured President Bush last week to reverse course on U.S. diplomacy over fighting in Gaza, in an episode that could sharpen tensions between the close allies at a sensitive moment.

Speaking to an audience in Ashkelon, Israel, Olmert said he had called Bush last Thursday and convinced him that the United States should not vote for a pending U.N. Security Council resolution urging a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Olmert said Bush’s agreement “embarrassed” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice because the resolution was one that she had “cooked up, she organized, she formulated, she maneuvered,” according to comments reported by Israel Radio.

“And she was left pretty embarrassed, abstaining on a draft resolution she organized herself,” Olmert added.


“This is terrible for the United States,” said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator. “This confirms every assumption they have in the Arab world about the tail wagging the dog. . . . It’s a story you’re likely to hear quoted there for years to come.”

Levy also accused Olmert of “unparalleled arrogance.” Olmert, who is about to leave office, may have thought mistakenly that his words would not be widely noticed.

“There are some things you don’t say, even in Ashkelon, even in Hebrew,” said Levy, who is now with the Century Foundation in Washington.

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Professor Kevin MacDonald: Cultural Insurrections – Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, & Anti-semitism

 Jewish intellectual and political movements have played a major role in Western societies, especially in the twentieth century. Marxism, Zionism, neo-conservatism, psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism have transformed Western self-consciousness, shattered ancient political orders through wars and revolutions, and promoted the ongoing demographic dispossession of European peoples through Third World immigration.

In this important book, Prof. MacDonald provides a scholarly and clear-eyed examination of these movements, and their profound impact on the Western world. This book’s 14 outstanding essays are not only models of insight and rigorous scholarship, but also of intellectual candor and clarity. They are essential reading not just for scholars and students, but for anyone who cares about the major trends of the Western world.

With a foreword by Dr. Virginia Abernethy, an introduction by the author, source references, an extensive bibliography, and an index.

In the book’s first section, Dr. MacDonald looks at Jewish influence in history, especially in the twentieth century western world, with a focus on the Jewish role in Soviet Communism, in neo-conservatism, and in promoting a breakdown of racial self-consciousness among non-Jews.

The second section is about the phenomenon of anti-Semitism, with a focus on Henry Ford’s famous book, The International Jew. In the third section MacDonald discusses the unique features of Western culture and the psychology of ethno-centrism.

Kevin MacDonald is a professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach. He has pioneered the evolutionary analysis of Jewish religious, intellectual, and political movements as strategies for achieving collective survival, advancement and influence in his much-discussed trilogy A People That Shall Dwell Alone (1994), Separation and Its Discontents (1998), and The Culture of Critique (1998).

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A Short History Of The Jews

 By A.N. Field from

The Jewish question is the most important question in the world to-day.  Every man should understand its nature, for it is the root of many other problems.

All economic literature, for example, which ignores the Jewishness of international finance and the Jewishness of Socialism and Communism, is a mere beating of the air.

Throughout all history the presence of any large number of Jews in a European country has let to strife and friction.  Britain has escaped having any very acute Jewish question as the number of Jews in the country has been small.

There is now danger that the repressive measures against Jews in Germany and Austria may lead to a great flood of Jewish immigration into Britain and the British Dominions.

In many quarters it is held that the only way to solve this difficult question is to provide the Jewish nation with a home of its own big enough t accommodate it (which Palestine is not); and that merely to shift Jews from one European country to another gets nowhere.  Madagascar has been suggested as most suited for a Jewish national home.

An endeavour is made in the following pages to set out certain material facts as succinctly as possible, and give a bird’s-eye view of this great problem.  The object is to help the reader to form an opinion whether Jewish immigration into British countries is desirable. Continue reading

What Is Israel Trying To Hide?

Please visit the following link and read the comment left on the Boston Globe website that was left in response to recent Israeli agressions against the Palestinians. It presents the other side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that you won’t hear from the Jewish dominated media. I applaud the courage of the author for writing it.

I encourage you to post your comments as well. (R.C.)

THANK YOU for printing Yousef Munayyer’s excellent op-ed “Ignoring the plight in Gaza.”

As Munayyer stated, few Americans are aware that Gaza is a locked prison in which people are denied sufficient food, clean water, fuel, medicine, and access to medical care. Children, who make up half the population, are severely malnourished, and the entire population is traumatized and depressed.

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Why Obama is the Jewish Neocons’ Dream President!

By:  David Duke

Take a look at this front page headline from a leading Greek newspaper Avriani. It hails Obama’s election victory as “the end of Jewish domination of the U.S.

There could not be a more perfect U.S President for the Neocon/Zionist agenda than a U.S. President whose political career was orchestrated entirely by Jewish extremists, and yet he is perceived by the world as “ending Jewish domination of the U.S.”.

Such a persona enables Obama to do even more for the radical Zionist agenda because of the perception is that he is a real departure from the Jewish Neocon American policy. But, in reality, is he a real change, or more of the same?

What are the facts of Obama’s relationship with Jewish extremist power in the United States?

1) Obama received twice the funding of Jewish-dominated international finance than did his opponent John McCain. A perfect example is the fact that he has long been bought by perhaps the most famous, historical Jewish international financial firm on Wall Street; Goldman Sachs, which was his largest single contributor to his campaign for President.

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