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Immigration and the Moral Right to Save Europe and the West!


New Duke Video — How Zionists Divide and Conquer! –Exposes Jewish role in mass immigration into Europe & USA

Texas Taxpayers Spent $678 Million On Healthcare For Illegal Invaders

 by: Andrew Chavez

Healthcare for illegal immigrants cost the Texas government and local hospital districts $678 million in a year, according to a new study that state lawmakers hope will show the federal government how much Texas is spending in uncompensated care for illegal immigrants.

The study, by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, estimates that $597 million of the total was spent by 94 public hospitals during fiscal 2005-06.

The remainder, about $81 million, went to the state’s contribution to emergency Medicaid, which pays for emergency medical care for things such as childbirth, and to the Texas Family Violence Program, which funds shelters, 24-hour hot lines, counseling and other related services. That figure is from fiscal 2006-07.

The figures are intended to lend support to future state requests for more federal funding to offset the costs.

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500,000 Illegal Invaders Defy Deportation Orders

America is being overrun by illegal invaders. Europe and the UK are being invaded by Muslims; America by third-world Mexicans who are turning the once-great U.S. into a third-world nation just like the ones the escaped from.

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