The Negro Messiah Assumes The Throne

By Judi McLeod  

 Somewhere out there in the fruited plains of America are 59,934,786 million souls, many of whom must be down on this day of all days: Inauguration Day for a president who will try to turn a proud 232-year-old Democracy into a Socialist State.

How is it even possible that people the world over are looking to a crass Chicago politician to put meaning into their empty lives? A fawning mainstream media, Hollywood, advertising, hype and cash to pay for it all from American taxpayers.

In the cult called Barack Obama, The Messiah has arrived.

Even if you turn off the television and the radio, you can’t help but run into the Big O out on the street where even lost pet signs nailed to village, town and city lampposts employ the logo of his rising sun.

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