Britain’s Betrayed White Working Classes Believe Immigrants Receive Better Treatment

 By Steve Doughty of the Daily Mail

White families on the country’s poorest estates believe they have been ‘betrayed’ and ‘abandoned’ by politicians who favour newly-arrived immigrants, a Government report acknowledged today.

It found that people on council estates think they always come second to immigrants for housing and benefits.

Many feel they have been shoved aside by politicians who use political correctness and allegations of racism to stifle honest discussion, it said.

The report for the Department of Communities and Local Government drew an admission from Communities Secretary Hazel Blears that white working class people ‘sometimes just don’t feel anyone is listening or speaking up for them.’

She said people should be allowed to talk about their worries ‘without fear of being branded a racist.’

The findings, produced by Mrs Blear’s ‘National Community Forum’, appear another step on Labour’s road away from multiculturalism, the left-wing doctrine that dominated ministerial thinking until the 2005 London July bombings.

Under multiculturalism, ethnic minority groups are encouraged to develop their own identity while critics say values associated with white groups are dismissed as racist.

Article Continues HERE


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