Why Obama is the Jewish Neocons’ Dream President!

By:  David Duke

Take a look at this front page headline from a leading Greek newspaper Avriani. It hails Obama’s election victory as “the end of Jewish domination of the U.S.

There could not be a more perfect U.S President for the Neocon/Zionist agenda than a U.S. President whose political career was orchestrated entirely by Jewish extremists, and yet he is perceived by the world as “ending Jewish domination of the U.S.”.

Such a persona enables Obama to do even more for the radical Zionist agenda because of the perception is that he is a real departure from the Jewish Neocon American policy. But, in reality, is he a real change, or more of the same?

What are the facts of Obama’s relationship with Jewish extremist power in the United States?

1) Obama received twice the funding of Jewish-dominated international finance than did his opponent John McCain. A perfect example is the fact that he has long been bought by perhaps the most famous, historical Jewish international financial firm on Wall Street; Goldman Sachs, which was his largest single contributor to his campaign for President.

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