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White Nationalists Prepare to Oppose Obama Administration

Article By: Eric Ward, Imagine 2050, December 29, 2008

The Republican Party is in disarray after its loss to Barack Obama, and on the sidelines white nationalists are skillfully preparing political attacks on the new American president.

Since the weeks leading up to the most significant elections ever to take place in the United States, federal law enforcement agencies, the media and human rights organizations have paid close attention to threats made against Presidential-Elect Barack Obama. Some of these threats have been made by individuals with ties to the neo-Nazi movement in the United States.


However it is beyond the graffiti, intimidation, and harassment that the far right is building its true power. With Republican leadership engaged in an internal power struggle to control the party apparatus, extremist factions within the party are seeking to strengthen their influence while more extreme external organizations hope that the current political vacuum will allow them to increase the influence of white nationalism in the American body politic.

While some factions like The Eagle’s Forum, The National Rifle Association, and Team America Political Action Committee have enter the politically charged minefield to control the Republican Party, other organizations like The Constitution Party, John Birch Society and the overtly anti-Semitic American Free Press hope that they will be able to create a third alternative to the current two party system. Regardless of the differences, what each faction shares is the belief that waging political attacks against President Obama will allow them to both undermine the incoming administration and grow their membership.

Political attacks on Obama began immediately after the last vote was cast. On December 1st and again on the 3rd a group called We the People Foundation ran full page ads in the Chicago Tribune questioning Obama’s citizenship.

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White Ethnocentrism: Can Americans Really Be Brainwashed?

By Kevin MacDonald

One of the great intellectual divides is the venerable nature/nurture dichotomy.

Conservatives tend to be on the side of nature:

Race exists as a biological reality; there are race differences in socially important traits like IQ; people’s brains are wired to prefer people like themselves; they are more likely to contribute to public goods like health care and education if the beneficiaries are of the same ethnic group; people trust others more if they live in homogeneous societies.

The left takes the opposite tack:

Race doesn’t exist; the idea that it does exist is a fantasy of moral reprobates. To the extent that differences in traits like IQ are interesting at all, they are the result of capitalism, discrimination, or general evil. If it weren’t for white people behaving badly, we could easily build a strong, racially diverse multicultural society where all people can live happily ever after.

I am not going to try to convince you of the merits of either side of this debate. Over the years, VDARE.COM has certainly published some of the premier writers on the nature side.

But if you pick up the New York Times, you’ll get a very different version of these issues. It’s a version which, sad to say, has a lot more influence. Continue reading

What Is Israel Trying To Hide?

Please visit the following link and read the comment left on the Boston Globe website that was left in response to recent Israeli agressions against the Palestinians. It presents the other side of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that you won’t hear from the Jewish dominated media. I applaud the courage of the author for writing it.

I encourage you to post your comments as well. (R.C.)

THANK YOU for printing Yousef Munayyer’s excellent op-ed “Ignoring the plight in Gaza.”

As Munayyer stated, few Americans are aware that Gaza is a locked prison in which people are denied sufficient food, clean water, fuel, medicine, and access to medical care. Children, who make up half the population, are severely malnourished, and the entire population is traumatized and depressed.

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Barack ‘The Magic Negro’

Chip Saltsman, who recently announced his candidicy for Republican National Commitee Chairman, shocked GOP leaders with a Christmas CD containing a parady of ‘Barack The Magic Negro’ set to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.

I suspect ‘The Magic Negro’ song has been sung many a time before Chip made the news.

But what’s the big deal? My only question is, where can I order one of those CD’s? (R.C.)

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December 27th, 2008 – The Day of the Flag








Please visit my friend INCOG MAN’s blog for an excellent article on the Day of the Flag.

Another Holocau$t Tale Raises Eyebrows

By: Marjorie Kehe from The Christian Science Monitor

It’s not exactly the kind of heartwarming news you’d prefer to read on Christmas Eve, but once again the veracity of a memoir is under attack.

The sad thing about this one is that it’s exactly the kind of story you’d like to be able to believe. Holocaust survivor Herman Rosenblat, a retired television repairman now living in Miami, has written “Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love That Survived,” a memoir set to be published by Penguin this February (in time for Valentine’s Day, of course.)

Rosenblat tells the story of his internment in the Buchenwald concentration camp. He says that one day, during the winter of 1945, a nine-year-old girl showed up at the fence of the camp and tossed him an apple. She returned every day for months and helped to keep him alive that winter with those apples.

Years later, in New York, 1957, Rosenblat says he went on a blind date with a Polish immigrant. She turned out to be that same girl – and went on to become his wife.


It makes for a fabulous story – and now a piece by Gabriel Sherman in the New Republic suggests that “fabulous” is indeed the correct word for this tale.

Sherman has talked to Holocaust experts who say that the physical setup of Buchenwald would have made it impossible for Herman and Roma to meet at any part of the camp’s fence. Also, other Buchenwald survivors have been unable to corroborate the tale.

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UPDATE: Holocau$t tall tale teller admits it’s a fraud.

Merry Christmas!!!

 Ginny and I would like to wish all the good White people of the world a very, Merry Christmas!!!  And may all of your Christmas’ be WHITE!

Rob Chapman